Apart from providing premium security and facilities services, Mi2C also provides consulting companies services to its clients, which include management consulting services on business innovation, strategies, problem-solving and business transformation. We partner with our clients in developing effective solutions for their business requirements. Our professional expertise also helps our clients in better decision-making and actions for better results. In today’s competitive scenario, businesses have to embrace innovation or fall behind. The volatile nature of markets and ever-changing global business scenarios also leave domestic companies vulnerable to the twists and turns of the global marketplace. Because of these uncertainties in the environment, companies have to adapt to the incessant change to remain competitive. Mi2C strives to deliver innovative solutions to its clients leading to help them achieve their goals. Mi2C Services & Facilities Pvt. Ltd. also helps its client organizations develop strategic plans and points of view to help further their immediate growth as well as long-term goals. Our focus is on simple but robust plans for practical, workable business ideas and strategies, to develop the methods to empower our clients to be able to do better.


MI2C focuses on the wider scope of business development solutions for individuals, SMEs or the bigger players in the corporate sector. Our company offers customized solutions depending on our clientele’s requirements. Mi2C also shares best practices, and provides training and support in order to help its clients’ businesses grow.


We are providing consultancy in to:



 Risk Management

 Manpower Handling

 Security and Safety Audits

 Insurance Claim Verifications

 Financial Scams Investigations

 Private Detective and Intelligence Collection

 Verification of Newly Inducted Personnel